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Sharon Woods Community Block Watch
    "Working together to keep our community a safe place to call home."

"NEIGHBOR-TO-NEIGHBOR": Building a Strong Block Watch Program
    (This is worth repeating!)

Neighbor-to-neighbor describes how a strong Block Watch program is developed and maintained. Did you know that "neighbors knowing their neighbors" is the best tool for fighting property crime?

A strong Block Watch program can significantly help reduce crime (and the fear of crime). This includes preventing or reducing residential burglaries and break-ins, drug/party houses, gang activity, vandalism, graffiti, malicious mischief, vehicle prowling and theft.

A strong Block Watch program empowers each neighbor in recognizing and reporting suspicious activity. Together, neighbors can determine "normal" vehicles, schedules, behaviors and events on a given block. If something is not "normal," appropriate action can be taken to report it.

While 9-1-1 should be called for emergency situations, neighbors in the Sharon Woods Community are encouraged to call the non-emergency number (645-4545) for the Columbus Police Department to report any suspicious person or activity. You may also contact one of the Block Watch Captains listed below.

Just what does a Block Watch Captain do? A Block Watch Captain is basically a point of contact to report and distribute information (via phone, email or in person) regarding:
  • any suspicious or unwelcome activity in our community
  • any particular interests and concerns neighbors have
  • any suggestions or comments about our community
This provides each of us with a direct community referral system and a link to the Columbus Police Department. We need your help if we want to make our Block Watch program stronger!

Since  06/17/07